How To Wash Your Face

Washing your face is on way to ensuring that you stay acne free. Dirt and grease are know to cause acnes. this comes about when the grease seal off the pores on our skins causing fat an sweat to accumulate under the skin this accumulation plus the presence of bacterial forms a perfect environment for acne formation. To avoid such a case from occurring, you need to ensure you thoroughly wash your face to remove both the dirt and the dead skin. This should however not be taken to mean that you should scrub your face hard. On the contrary, you need to be gentle enough.

when washing your face. A soft cotton piece of cloth is ideal for cleaning up your face. to ensure your face is acne free, when washing, use antibacterial and antiseptic detergents. These products help protect your face against infection from harmful organisms that are responsible for the grew and development of acnes on our skins. Get the best recommendation of the ideal detergent to use from your dermatologist. When washing your face, use enough water to remove any grease that may remain from the detergents used that may block the pores on the skin.

The number of time that you wash your face matters. You should wash your face at least two times in a day. The most important time is before bed., ensure to thoroughly remove any makeup for your skin by washing it off before going to bed. If possible, do not apply lotion on your skin while going to bed. If you do, ensure to change you pillow every now and the to ensure you do not get acnes from the accumulated layer on makeup that you rub on it while you slip. During the day, avoid frequently touching your face with your hands. Your hands collect a large volume of germs that lead to infection. Equally, grease form foods that we consume may lead to formation of acne on our skins.

This therefore necessitates that we wash our hands every now and then to avoid transferring the harmful content on them to our faces and other parts of our bodies. Just like in te case of your face, wash your hand with detergents to remove the grease as well as to kill or the harmful organisms on them. Clean hands and face are a good path to an acne free skin.

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